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Oh, my word!
Генератор сценариев для фиков

Половина сценариев для Доктора и Мастера уже была в каноне) а вторую половину дописали в фиках)))

Мое любимое:
Master frequently has dreams or nightmares about Doctor.
Doctor and Master are in an arranged marriage, but Doctor doesn't want to go through with it.
Master and Doctor fighting together, back to back.
Doctor and Master wearing each other's clothes.
Master and Doctor pretend to be in a relationship for the purpose of an undercover mission.
Doctor confronting Master about something bad they have done.
Master cooking lunch for Doctor.
A prophecy foretold that Master would be the only one who could defeat the evil Doctor.
Doctor is a famous and Master is their biggest fan.
Doctor gets amnesia and forgets everything about Master.

Ну и так далее, там можно играть долго))))

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2016-12-11 в 21:26 

you're not alone
Doctor is a famous and Master is their biggest fan

скажи, что это не так :lol:

2016-12-11 в 21:51 

Oh, my word!
nashbrik, конечно, так)))


For Gallifrey!